Skull and Black Cat Tamagotchi 3” Charm

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When I was young, I was the kid that everyone would drop their Tamagotchi with so that it wouldn’t die while they were at our after-school care facility.  I would sit at one of the tables with 15-25 tamagotchis in front of me.  Honestly, I think that was the start of my time-keeping and multi-tasking skills. Lol.

3” Double-sided Charm, domed with glitter epoxy on one side.  Minor changes in the manufacturing process may occur (but the manu has already given the okay).

Mo’s Charm Terminology:  Two-sided means a different design on each side.  Double-sided means the same design on both sides, aka ‘seeing double’.

NOTE: Cat clips are no longer available! Will come with a gold heart clip.