Gender-bread House Acrylic Standee

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Winter and the Holiday Season can be a stressful time for anyone, but even more so for gender-diverse or queer individuals who are expected to visit unaccepting family.  Show your pride or support by gifting or displaying one of these gender-bread cookie stickers!  Or use them to piss off a TERF or white-supremacist, you do you!

For this series, I mostly chose flags that represent gender identities (non-binary, gender queer, and transgender)and the generic rainbow for queer or LGBT+ pride.  I also chose to include the intersex flag, but I recognize that intersex is not a gender/gender identity and that gender and sex are mutually exclusive ideas that various individuals experience and interpret differently.  I admit that I chose to include the intersex flag mostly for additional intersex representation, and because intersex individuals often have complicated relationships with gender since their gender-assigned-at-birth is often binary and at odds with their body.

3 in pu leather sticker.