Gang Up On You 3.5” Charm

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Obsidian was such an amazing reveal.  We all knew what she looked like from the temple, but she was still different and interesting.  I love how it meant that they were all on the same page, ready to gang up on the diamonds and kick butt!!  Enjoy this seriously badass fusion while rocking the charm in your ita bag or as a keychain.

3.5” Two-sided charm, domed with glitter epoxy on one side.

Mo’s Charm Terminology: Two-sided means a different design on each side.  Double-sided means the same design on both sides, aka ‘seeing double’.

These are in PREORDER, they will ship out by the end of November, perfect for a Christmas gift whoever you’re a fan of!

$9 preorder will become $12 price after recurved and inventoried.