1.5” Trans!MHA Hero Pins !B-Grades!

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About the Pin Series: Some of the fandom’s favorite trans headcanons include these amazing, powerful characters.  I believe that headcanons can be a healthy way to bring your own life’s experience and the representation you want and need to see in the word to your favorite characters.  Just be kind and courteous of others’ headcanons too!

About Mo’s Pin Grading: Pins at graded as A, B, and C (others might call these ‘seconds’).  Pins are handmade even in large manufacturing volume, so it’s rare for any piece to be absolutely perfect.  That said, A-grade pins will have very minor/subtle variations.  B-grade pins will have easily noticeable issues like dark dust in the enamel or tarnished metal that is only noticed at certain angles or upon close inspection. C-grade pins will have major flaws a that are interfere with the design like incorrect colors or unfilled sections.

NOTE: Only certain combinations are available as some pins had no inventory of a certain grade or dome style.

1.5 inch soft enamel pin, double pin-back, resin dome. 4 Character designs (in separate listings), 2 doming types, multiple grades upon inspection.

A-grade pins have their own listings by Design and are available for $12.

Tsuyu pins aren’t yet listed as Ike made a reorder and am still deciding how to handle those pins.  Thanks for understanding. ;u;