1.5” Trans!Ground Zero Hero Pins

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Bakugou is intelligent, determined, and explosive; all traits that make him many people’s favorite character, including one of mine.  A lot of people read all that frustration as the same feeling that they as trans people feel, which is why this is one of the biggest characters with a trans headcanon.  Either way, he’s plus ultra.

Some of the fandom’s favorite Trans headcanons include these amazing, powerful characters.  I believe that headcanons can be a healthy way to bring your own life’s experience and the representation you want and need to see in the word to your favorite characters.  Just be kind and courteous of others’ headcanons too!

1.5 inch soft enamel pin, double pin-back, resin dome. 4 Character designs (in other listings), 2 doming types, multiple grades upon receipt and inspection.

B-grade pins have their own listing and are available for $10.