1.5” Trans!Froppy Hero Pins

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Tsuyu is such a ‘best girl’, even (or especially) when you headcanon her as a trans!girl.

Some of the fandom’s favorite Trans headcanons include these amazing, powerful characters.  I believe that headcanons can be a healthy way to bring your own life’s experience and the representation you want and need to see in the word to your favorite characters.  Just be kind and courteous of others’ headcanons too!

NOTE: I am recording some of these with an alternate color palette.  These will go out later than the other products, and if you chose this item expect about a month prior to being shipped out.  You will get updates on the order’s status throughout.

1.5 inch soft enamel pin, double pin-back, resin dome. 4 Character designs, 2 doming types, multiple grades upon receipt and inspection.

Their price will go up to $12 once the pins arrive.  B-grades, once received and inventoried, will be added to their B-Grade Only listing and be available for $10.