1.5" Dana and Nessie Enamel Pins

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These pins were made in collaboration with DreamPunk Press! 

Dreampunk Press is a small publisher of big dreams.  They publish works of speculative fiction, featuring diverse casts and inclusive themes.  So, it's clear that we get along fantastically!  Check out their stories, authors, and causes at their website.

All of the characters in this pin collaboration come from DreamPunk Press' Steampunk titles.  And, what's even better is that all of these steampunk stories come from the same universe.  These characters actually pass in and out of the books in the multiple steampunk series.  It's really clever and fun.

These pins are characters from the book Heart of Brass, available on Amazon here.  Heart of Brass follows Nessie, who ,with the help of her mechanically-limbed, lady-doctor, receives the first mechanical heart transplant and rediscovers the world after being home-bound for over a decade.  The story has romance and awkwardness and bad-assery and just a hint of the macabre.  (Plus, the romantic leads are both women, earning these pins a spot in my lgbtq+ collection).

1.5 inch, gold-plated soft enamel pin, double pin-back. 6 character designs in the first DreamPunk Press Collaboration Collection.  Here's hoping to many more to come!

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NOTE: At in-person events only, the full First DreamPunk Press Collaboration Collection (6 enamel pins) are available for $50.  Also, there are a limited stock of B-grade pins available at in-person events only.