Gluten Foods Pink Tote

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Some people have to avoid gluten, and lemme tell you, gluten is in EVERYTHING!!! Let’s consider this an ‘educational’ object, lol. All of the foods featured in this design usually have gluten in them and should NOT be fed to someone with a gluten allergy or celiac unless the packaging has a gluten free seal from a certified organization.

(Be wary if any of these foods say gluten free without a seal.  I have had issues with companies saying their item is gluten free but not realizing that some of their ingredients have gluten (like the vanilla they used or wood smoke flavoring was added) and have had bad reactions.  Basically it means that there is no ‘added gluten’ but there may still be gluten.)

That said, don’t eat the tote bag! Even if it does look delicious.

35 cm by 45 cm canvas tote bag.