Endeavor Lined Notebook

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“Stand up and show them why you’re better.”

Endeavor is such a complicated character, and I adore that complexity.  It’s gritty and terrifying; he is the product of a hero-centric world that’s increasingly fueled by money and ill-attributed power and fear.  He has to unlearn all that he knows to truly become a hero and I’m HERE for that story.

Do I like him as a character?  I don’t know.  Do I think the characters he’s hurt should forgive him and forget what he’s been and done?  Heavens no.  Do I think that his story has a strange and unique trajectory that could provide a chilling view on the politics of power and abuse or power?  Yaaas.

Lined, saddle-stapled, 50-page notebook.  Just over 5.5” by 8”.