2.3" MHA Villains Hard Enamel Pin Collection - Dabi

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We're repping some of the BEST characters in MHA, the LoV Villians.  I've made them into pride designs because I want them as pride designs and because we ALL know that they're allies to the LGBT+ community (if not a part of it themselves).  Sometimes it annoys me that I find the most representative characters of my identity in shows' villains, but these guys are too great to dwell on that negativity!

BE GAY, DO CRIMES!  The first pride was a riot.  And remember our history.

1.7" Hard Enamel Pin, Black Nickel Plated, Two Back Posts with screen print.  The two designs with the largest screen prints, Trans and Rainbow Flags, cost more.  Successfully funded through Kickstarter.

NOTE: Preorder prices are $10 and $15.  Once inventoried, list prices will be $15 and $20, respectively.