Gluten Foods Lanyard

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I am gluten intolerant, and I designed this lanyard as a (passive-aggressive) education tool to easily and efficiently answer the questions "Well, what had gluten in it?" or "Does *insert some random food* have gluten?" or "But can you eat this?"

This lanyard has pictures of many foods (though not an exhaustive list) that are usually made with gluten or must be bought 'gluten free' for those of us with sensitivities.

It includes:

  • processed deli meats
  • a cookie (with chocolate chips which can also have gluten)
  • seasoning mixes
  • pasta
  • tempeh
  • corndog
  • soy sauce
  • graham (or regular) crackers
  • imitation vanilla extract
  • bread
  • beer
  • cake
  • fried chicken