Cat Witch Blair 4” Charm

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Just as the spooky season begins, for me that’s around August 2nd, I rewatch my favorite highlights of Soul Eater and sing along with every word of the opening.  Soul Eater was one of my first animes and remains in my top 5 almost 15 years later.  I also rewatch the full series every 3-5 years, because I LOVE IT!!!

4” Two-sided Charm with transparent foreground printing on one side, domed with glitter epoxy on the same side.  Minor changes in the manufacturing process may occur (but the manu has already given the okay).

Mo’s Charm Terminology:  Two-sided means a different design on each side.  Double-sided means the same design on both sides, aka ‘seeing double’.

NOTE: Cat clips are sold out.  Charm will come with a gold star clip.  Also, due to the writing being misprinted on the back, this will remain at the discounted $12 price.