Extended Family

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In a world where children lose their ability to see colors until they meet their soulmate, Luke must find out what it means when his only slightly come back when he meets his newest next door neighbor.  In an effort to find out more and get closer to his soulmate neighbor, Luke joins his school’s GCA, Grey-Color Alliance. With their help, he finds answers, questions, and a family he’d never dreamed of.

Page Count: 124;  Word Count: ~23,000

Categories: LGBT—Fiction, SAGA—Fiction, Gay—Fiction,
Lesbian—Fiction, Soulmates—Fiction, Schools—Fiction, High
Schools—Fiction, Friendship—Fiction

ISBN 978-1-938215-18-6

Variants available include: PDF, EPUB3, and Mobipocket (Kindle)

Hard Cover is available from the publisher, Dreampunkpress.com, or Amazon.com